Why did Pusha T diss McDonald’s?

Why did Pusha T diss McDonald’s?

Pusha T isn’t new to hip-hop feuds. The rapper’s current battle, though, is not with another musician, but with a certain fast-food conglomerate. Arby’s debuted their fish sandwich commercial, which starred Pusha T, on March 21, 2022.

The fast-food chain’s social media channels, such as YouTube and Twitter, shared the commercial with the caption: “If you think the new Arby’s x @PUSHA_T diss track is too hot, maybe you’re not quite ready for our new Spicy Fish Sandwich either. #ArbysSpicyFishDissTrack.”

Pusha T proceeded to direct several of his rhymes against Arby’s industry rival, McDonald’s, during the promotional advertisement.

The hip-hop hitmaker rapped throughout the jingle, named Spicy Fish Diss Track: “I’m the reason why the whole world love it…Now I gotta crush it.”

“Filet-O-Fish is a** and you should be disgusted…How dare you sell a square fish asking us to trust it?”

Pusha T added: “A half slice of cheese, is Micky D’s on a budget?”

“Arby’s crispy fish is simply it…With lines ’round the corner, we might need a guest list.”

“Exit stage left, the sandwiches taste fresh…A little cube of fish from a clown is basic.”

How did social media react?

Following the distribution of Spicy Fish Diss Track, users took to social media to express their opinions.

On Twitter, one person wrote: “Nobody cares about spicy fish. BRING BACK POTATO CAKES.”

Another person tweeted: “Pusha wrote the McDonalds I’m Loving it jingle, a song about Popeyes, now this. Dude has no brand loyalty.”

“Arbys You Better Let Them Know Not to Play With Those Seasoned Curly Fries Too!!! Dip Those Fries In Some Honey Mustard and It Will Change Your Life,” tweeted another.”

What is Pusha T’s net worth?

Pusha T’s net worth is estimated to be $14million.


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