8 Best Countries To Visit In The Summer In 2021

Countries To Visit In The Summer In 2021

Countries To Visit In The Summer In 2021; The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of summer is a vacation. This is because, for many people, summer is the only time they have plenty of time and warm weather.

While selecting the perfect summer destination can be awfully tedious, there is always one country that can fulfill all your vacation needs according to the activities you like. So what are some of the best countries to visit during summer?

8 Best Countries To Visit In The Summer In 2021

To help you narrow down your list, here are some of the best countries to visit during summer.


Croatia is arguably a notable medieval country in the world. For years, this country has boasted of its enchanting seaside charisma. Recently, its city Dubrovnik was rated among the top 10 well preserved and scenic medieval cities in the world.

This country features several beaches, botanical gardens, and boasts of the oldest arboretum in the world. If you Love Game of Thrones, don’t miss Croatia as it’s one of the few countries where this spectacular series is filmed.


Australia features a wide array of towns and cities, each with implausible food and wildlife to discover. Only a few places in the whole world offer this amount of diversity. Melbourne, one of its cities, was named the world’s most liveable city.


Thanks to its perfect blend of beaches, hills, and backwaters, India comes out as a major summer destination in the world.

Kerala, one of its best holiday destinations, is a tropical paradise that will serve you with all the experiences you need in a summer vacation.

New Zealand

If you are someone who loves nature and adventure then New Zealand is the country to visit. This is the only country with jagged mountains, raging rivers, pristine trout-filled lakes, and scenic beaches all in one place.


Switzerland is without a doubt a big winter destination in the world. However, it’s best to visit during the summer when it’s less crowded.

It’s worth noting that this is among those few counties that boast of many sunny days throughout the year. You will definitely enjoy its many hiking trails and several unique getaways if you are an outdoor lover.


Iceland offers one of the best wilderness adventures with Reykjavik, its capital, being one of the perfect destinations for this.

Day trip adventures will help you explore all the beauties of the land with several resorts to help you relax later in the evening.


Belgium you are someone who loves art, Belgium is the best country to visit. Antwerp, its main capital, features plenty of museums with architectural masterpieces and renaissance art.

Since the city is bike-friendly, you can choose one of the many exciting bike tours during your first visit here.


Thailand boasts of several cities for travelers to explore during the summer. Koh Samui, one of its big destinations, enables travelers to engage in a variety of enjoyable and liveable experiences. From beach night parties to all kinds of adventures, this place will definitely make your summers memorable.


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