Who wins Assin North seat? Today, voters in the Central Region’s Assin North Constituency go to the polls to cast their ballots in a parliamentary by-election to choose a representative for the district.

In the lead-up to today’s elections, the region experienced intense political activity following the declaration of the seat as vacant as a result of a Supreme Court decision ordering the name of James Gyakye Quayson to be purged from parliament.

In 99 polling places spread out across the constituency, a total of 41,168 registered voters are anticipated to cast their ballots.

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The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Charles Opoku and the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) James Gyakye Quayson are the front-runners in what is anticipated to be a hotly contested election among the three candidates running in today’s by-elections. Political observers consider the third candidate, Bernice Enyonam Sefenu of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), to be “adding up to the numbers.”

Assin North By Election Results 2023

Below are Assin North by-election Provisional Results

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Camp C Basic School

1. Mr. Charles Opoku(NPP)- 63

2. Miss Safenu Bernice(LPG)- 2

3. Hon. James Gyakye Quayson(NDC) – 252

Rejected Ballots – 8

Catholic Primary School, Bereku Gyaeakontabuo

1. Mr. Charles Opoku(NPP)- 157

2. Miss Safenu Bernice(LPG)- 0

3. Hon. James Gyakye Quayson(NDC) – 256

Rejected Ballots – 9

D/A Prim Sch ASSUOANKOMASO (B171203)

1. Mr. Charles Opoku(NPP)- 32

2. Miss Safenu Bernice(LPG)- 1

3. Hon. James Gyakye Quayson(NDC) – 120

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Final Results 99/99 Polling Stations

NPP – 11,389 (42%)

LPG – 85 (0.28%)

NDC – 17,205 (57.4%)


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