How To Be Famous In Ghana

In Ghana you can become popular without the need to showcase your talent. infact if you are not ready to hustle, then Ghana isn’t the genuine place for you. People do anything they could to receive the attention of others and it really pays.

How To Be Famous In Ghana
How To Be Famous In Ghana

To earn popularity in Ghana means you can be hired to be a brand ambassador. With a great number of fans and followers, you can can generate money from what you post. To become famous in Ghana;

  • You must be controversial. Deliberately causing public debates and talks always keeps you on the lips of people. By giving varying opinions about issues and creating humour,your name shall never depart from the Ghanaian population. Celebrities like Mzbel have always remained popular because they are controversial.
  • Be a social media Hawker. Be regular on your social media handles. Keep your followers updated with what goes on in your life. You can still do this and remain private as you wish. Just give your fans something to salivate on. That always keeps fantasizing about you which keeps your trend on. Ask questions, reply their comments and be interactive as possible as best.
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How To Be Famous In Ghana
  • Respond to issues. Try your best to react to criticisms. You can tackle this in different ways. You can decide to keep quiet. You can also decide to batter them up or release a whole article or letter explaining your actions. This could be your doom or your uplift
  • Don’t feel shy about being dirty in public. You should however be careful of the issues you tackle. Celebrities who are calm and private are making it none the less. However, you will realize celebrities like Afia Schwarzenegger is always on the trend because she doesn’t mind playing dirty. So if you want to be popular, don’t feel shy to rant dirty.
  • Stay away from politics should you earn a recognition. People despise political rivals and tend to hate even supporters of such party. It would be wise in your path not to involve in politics even when you are paid to do so. Popular Ghanaian rapper; is recently facing a banter from critics and supporters for openly supporting a party. That scenery isn’t what you want right?
  • Be seen as a playboy if you are a guy. To stay under the glam as a guy you must exhibit the playboy attitude. You can’t win the support if fans by just being ordinary. You need to set this out tho run more supporters
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