Kwabena Kwabena

The veteran Ghanaian singer Kwabena Kwabena has finally shared the reasoning behind his nail art.
In a recent interview, Kwabena Kwabena revealed that he painted his nails to get rid of his habit of chewing them.
But Kwabena Kwabena clarified that he wasn’t g@y as had been previously suggested. When he recorded his first album, ASO, in 2004, it became his breakthrough.

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The Perfect Picture soundtrack by Sparrow Productions featured three of the songs.

Trodom, Adea Waye Me, Fakye Me, Ka Kyere Me, and Me Ne Woa are a few of his hits. He released Dabi, his second album, in 2007.

Kwabena Kwabena believes in his Ghanaian surroundings and is very passionate about charitable work. He founded the KwabenaKwabena Save A Life Foundation as a result of this passion.

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Kwabena went on to win numerous accolades both domestically and abroad, including Best Songwriter and Best Vocal Performance.

Watch the video below;


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