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‘It Was A Slip Of Tongue’ – Black Rasta Apologizes To Nana Addo For Wishing Him An Untimely Death


Outspoken Ghanaian media personality and musician, Blakk Rasta, has rendered an apology to the President, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo for wishing him an untimely death.

According to Blakk Rasta, he made those remarks out of frustration while speaking on his show. He was quick to add that there is no way he will wish the current President dead before his natural call, adding it was a slip of tongue.

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Furthermore, Blakk Rasta stated that the Nana Addo’s system of governance has inflicted hardships of the people of Ghana, he has no ill intentions against him and he agrees that his utterances were unpleasant.

Emphasizing on his regrets for what he said, Blakk Rasta beseeched Nana Addo to forgive him for making such cruel sentiments about him in the past.

Nonetheless, he reiterated that his apology still doesn’t erase the fact that Nana Addo is a ‘useless’ leader who has failed all Ghanaians.

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He further disclosed that, despite the fact that he feels Nana Addo is a useless leader, he doesn’t want to see him die untimely death.

Rather, he wants him to live, die a natural death and suffer in the afterlife. He reiterated that even when his enemy dies, he doesn’t jubilate.

However, he prays for him or her to suffer in the afterlife and that is exactly what he wishes for Nana Addo.

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