Private legal practitioner, Mr Maurice Ampaw has slammed former president John Dramani Mahama for his intentions of wanting to introduce a 24-hour economic policy when voted into government.

On 28th November 2023, Esquire Maurice Ampaw speaking as a pundit in a local media outlet spewed out facts, which indicates that, witches can’t survive under Mahama if he wins the elections because people won’t sleep for witches to work hence, averting demonic operations.

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“Mahama says he won’t let you fly because of 24-hour economy. Mahama doesn’t want witches to fly at night so all witches should vote against Mahama’s policy. Don’t allow Mahama to come to power, you will no longer fly at night because people will not sleep for you to attack them.

Mr. Maurice Ampaw further laid major emphasis on Mahama’s 24-hour economic policy claiming that, Ghanaians who have bought into this policy should rethink about it since it would affect spiritual nightlife.

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“It’s only when people sleep that you are able to attack them by using their heads to play with on the football fields, those without protection are more vulnerable at night. Witches also open their chop bars, restaurants and filling stations at night. If Mahama wants to take that opportunity away from you, rise against him,” Mr. Ampaw stated.

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