In a groundbreaking move towards fostering collaboration within the music industry, Paradise Distribution and Trust Music have formalized a strategic partnership through a comprehensive license agreement. This landmark agreement grants Trust Music access to a wide range of resources provided by Paradise Distribution, enabling them to efficiently monetize their content and further their artistic endeavors.

The Parties Involved

Paradise Distribution, a prominent name in the music distribution and rights management sector, has teamed up with Trust Music, an emerging player known for its commitment to nurturing and promoting independent artists. This collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to create a mutually beneficial environment for content creators.

Key Provisions of the License Agreement

Content Monetization: Under the terms of the license agreement, Trust Music gains access to Paradise Distribution’s advanced content monetization tools and services. This includes the ability to effectively track, manage, and monetize their music across various digital platforms and streaming services.

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Rights Management

Paradise Distribution will provide Trust Music with comprehensive rights management support, ensuring that the artists’ intellectual property is safeguarded and properly administered. This includes handling licensing, copyright enforcement, and royalty collection.

Global Reach

Through Paradise Distribution’s established network of distribution partners and platforms, Trust Music’s content will be exposed to a broader global audience. This access opens up new opportunities for artists to connect with fans and generate revenue streams from different regions.

Collaborative Marketing

The partnership agreement promotes collaborative marketing efforts, allowing both Paradise Distribution and Trust Music to pool resources for effective promotional campaigns. This will help raise the profile of Trust Music’s artists and drive engagement across various marketing channels.

Revenue Sharing

The license agreement outlines a fair and transparent revenue-sharing model, ensuring that Trust Music’s artists receive their rightful share of the earnings generated from their content. This arrangement aligns the interests of both parties and incentivizes continued collaboration.

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Mutual Goals and Aspirations

Paradise Distribution and Trust Music share a common vision of empowering independent artists and fostering a creative ecosystem that thrives on innovation and diversity. Through this partnership, both parties aim to amplify the voices of emerging artists and help them build sustainable careers in the music industry.

Quotes from Key Stakeholders

“This partnership marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of Trust Music. By joining forces with Paradise Distribution, we are equipped with the tools and expertise to maximize the potential of our artists’ creations and reach a wider audience than ever before.” Trust Music Executive Sandra Fosua Brobbey CEO of Trust Music and the President Frank Kwaku Harrison

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Trust Music and provide them with the resources they need to monetize their content effectively. This partnership embodies our commitment to supporting independent artists and nurturing a vibrant music landscape.” Paradise Distribution Executive Mike Kelly, Label Manager of Paradise Distribution.

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The license agreement between Paradise Distribution and Trust Music symbolizes a significant step forward in the music industry’s ongoing transformation. By pooling their expertise and resources, both entities are set to create a dynamic ecosystem that empowers artists, enhances content monetization, and fosters innovation. This collaboration exemplifies the power of partnerships in driving positive change and growth within the realm of music distribution and rights management.


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