Iconic Ghanaian media personality and outspoken political adept, Godsbrain Smart popularly known as Captain Smart has asserted that current Guinness World Record holder for the longest sing-a-thon, Sunil Waghmare, who hails from India didn’t find his singing marathon that challenging, comparing his experience to that of Afua Asantewaa.

Sing-A-Thon: Sunil Waghmare Didn't Suffer Like Afua Asantewaa Because Indian Songs Are One Way - Captain Smart Opines

According to Captain Smart, Indian songs are less tedious to sing and as such, he feels the Indian singer didn’t have a tough time having to sing for 105 hours to become a sing-a-thon record holder in 2012.

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Explaining further, he said in Indian music, there is nothing like a genre unlike Ghana where we have music genres like hiplife, high-life, hip hop and dancehall.

Adding to this, Captain Smart stated that, looking at the indian music terrain, the type as well as the number of songs composed by indian musicians, Sunil could have sang all the songs in India over and over again to extend his record.

Giving reasons on why he thinks Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon challenge was more tedious than Sunil, Captain Smart further stated that the Ghanaian female media personality had to sing songs from different genres which made it a bit tasking for her over the past few days.

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Furthermore, Captain Smart said based on the fact that the Ghanaian music industry has witnessed the release of large number of albums not to talk of songs, Afua had to go through the stress of having to perform songs from almost every genre in Ghana.

In line with this factual assertion, Captain Smart stated emphatically that, based on the type of songs made by musicians from India as compared to Ghana, Afua Asantewaa had a tougher sing-a-thon challenge than Sunil Waghmare.

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