Every era of my life, has had a certain feel to it. When I think about how my life felt ten years ago compared to today, as well as how I thought — it’s like comparing the lives of two very different people. Both with different goals, ambitions, ideas, fears and friends. If you gave me both hands to use twice over, I still wouldn’t have enough fingers to count the amount of friends and family members I’ve lost in that time. I don’t say that to solicit sympathy — but to convey facts. To paint a picture of just how much things have changed for me. How they continue to change and decay and the regrowth that’s taken place since.
A certain smell, song or taste can take me back to any one of those eras or time frames. I’m without a doubt the nostalgic type. You could say sentimental, even. I cherish memories I have with loved ones, both those who are still here as well as with those who have passed. With those I’m still close with and those who I’m as good as dead to. No hard feelings — I get it.

For a long time, it felt like I couldn’t lose. Every shot I took was nothing but net. In fact, as embarrassing as I find this — I often used the phrase “I always win”. That’s how it felt. Like I could do no wrong. As if the best life had to offer would just continuously show up for me by default. My dynasty period, so to speak. Waves of winning. I remember how that stage of life felt like it was yesterday. Oh to be young, dumb and arrogant again. Ignorance truly is bliss.I say all of this, in hopes to remind myself and others not to take anything in life for granted. Whatever it is, it won’t last forever. Cherish it while you have it and can. Because life truly is ever changing. It’s constantly evolving — to do so is written in it’s grand design — there’s nothing we can do to stop it. We can only adapt. There’s no telling how long a certain may be in your life for. While a few may end up being the all year round type, the majority of people who come into our lives are seasonal. They’re special guest stars making cameos, not main characters. They may not have a role in next season’s story line.
Science tells us our cells are ever changing with life itself and in fact — very much responsible for many of the changes in life itself. Which explains why one year can feel so different to the next. Not only is much of whats going on outside of us different, so is what’s going on in us internally. Try to learn to appreciate the difficult things and people in your life because I promise you, there will come a time when you look back on them fondly and smile. A time when you’ll wish things were the way they are now.

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