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Kintampo waterfalls in Ghana

One of the highest waterfalls in Ghana is the kintampo waterfalls , located on the Pumpum river.This is one of the tributary of the Black Volta,which is about 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) north of Kintampo municipality, on the Kumasi–Tamale road. This is one of the main natural attractions in the area. The waterfalls is formed by three (3) main drops where the longest drop measures 25 meters (82 ft) in height and after a number of steps, and cascades, the river falls about 70 meters (23). Kintampo waterfalls in Ghana get its source at a village called Pumpumatifi, which is about 10 kilometers away from the waterfalls

Kintampo waterfalls

History of Kintampo water fall

Kintampo waterfalls in Ghana is also called Sanders Falls becuse ofhow beautifully the waterfalls cascadesThe waterfalls was established as a tourism site in 1992 after its discovery in the 18th century.The waterfalls has gone through several developments including the creation of car park, receptive center, trained guides and construction of stairs. This seasonal fall is from the Pumpu River which falls some 70 meters down beautiful rocky steps. The Kintampo Waterfalls has a more festive environment with lots of locals on picnics and shade where visiting individuals and groups can sit and have fun There are lots of trees, mostly dominated by Mahogany, some of which grow beyond 40 meters. Kintampo Falls is also a fine resting place when traveling between Kumasi and Tamale or Mole National Park. There’s a small monument that marks the geographic center of Ghana nearby in the town of Kintampo.

Waterfalls Stage 1

    • Waterspouts in the large rock should been created by water eroding holes in to the rock.
    • The falls is backed by a cave which houses a colony of bats.
    • The water disappears under the rocks and reappears 20 meters down stream.
    • The water flows throughout the year.
    • The volume of the water increases with more visitors’ presents.
    • Please do not swim or better here.
    • Keep surroundings clean.

    Waterfalls Stage 2

    • The water tumbles down and behind several large rocks.
    • The water disappears and reappears much wider at the base of the rocks.
    • No swimming or bathing here.
    • Keep surroundings clean.

    Waterfalls Stage 3

    • This stage has two staircases, one constructed to the main waterfalls in 1996 by Taysec. It was however rehabilitated by the Ghana Tourism Authority in 2017.
    • It has 153 steps steps coming up and a new 173 steps going down. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the waterfalls as you descend.
    • Do not sit or slide on the rail.
    • No refreshments, dinning or smoking at the base of the falls.
    • You may swim or bath at the base of the falls.

    Kintampo waterfalls experience

    On entry a guide takes you first up to the top falls, which can be photographed, then the the centre falls that are difficult to see and finally down to the far larger bottom one. There is a climb of 152 steps back to the car park level. This concrete stairway was added in the mid 1960’s. There is an archaeological site at/or near Kintampo, where civilisation can be shown to have existed between 2500BCE and 1400BCE, and it’s the earliest known site for the cultivation of the cowpea. These were farmers with stone buildings as wattle and daube, using polished stone axes and stone beads, domestic pots, ceramic sculptures of people and more

    Things to do at Kintampo waterfalls in Ghana

      • Take a bath
      • Go hiking
      • Play football or volleyball on the field

Nearby facilities located at kintampo waterfall in Ghana

      • Falls Palace Hotel
      • Premier Palace Hotel
      • Dery Yire Hotel
      • Premier Palace Hotel

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