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SWITCH RECORD LABEL; a fast rising record label has officially been launched and has signed two new artistes unto their label in a colourful ceremony held at Maxlot Hotel in Accra during the Easter Holiday celebrations on the 22nd March,2019 to unveil these great talents to Ghana and beyond.

The record label, whose main agenda is to help up and coming Gospel/urban gospel musicians, poets, mimers, amongst others with the motto: ITS ALL ABOUT MUSIC AND ARTS IN CHRIST is headed by Nana Kwabena Agyemang Dominic, and the signing deal comes with some juicy packages for the newly signed artistes. According to the CEO, these packages which includes a beat box and other items will motivate them to work harder wherever they find themselves.

The CEO, told the press that they are targeting all aspect of the creative arts industry within the Gospel fraternity.
The artist manager for the Record label, Miss Jacklyn Kusi – Appiah in her speech, encouraged the newly signed artistes to stay focus, be consistent and also take personal branding serious and most importantly be prayerful since the record label believes that is what every artiste needs in order to stay relevant in the creative arts industry . She further added that , Switch Record Label is not only signing them to make them popular but to also work tirelessly to make these newly signed artists songs household tunes that will focus on winning more souls into the kingdom of Christ.

The artistes who were signed unto the record label expressed satisfaction and their excited faces was represented an epitome of fulfilment. They are; Trooth [Rapper and Musician] and Mr. Mime [Dancer and Mime artiste].

Meanwhile, The management of the label speaking to the press, hinted that it’s outfit will be signing some new artists unto their label in the second quarter of this year.
The occasion was witnessed by representatives from HI Radio, Reverence TV, Propel TV, Pastors from Holy Hill Chapel, LilZig, DJ Paloma, amongst other personalities joining the unveiling.
Attached are pictures from the event.

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