The Queen of Rap: Myra Stardom (Female Tupac )


Female tupac

In the last few decades, hip-hop, reggae and dancehall has risen to become a multi-billion dollar industry. It was a man who led the production of the first commercially successful rap track. However, the industry remains unquestionably male dominated. Female rappers usually enjoy less success than men.

Myra Stardom

A new generation of female emcees, however, is building on the legacy of women in the industry.
Meet Myra Stardom, a young talented  female  Ghanaian rapper. She describes her music as real and raw. Myra Stardom has always been one to speak her mind, she says. And she has always had a mouth.

I’ve always been the one to express myself…,” she says.
Her sound pulls on the “90s golden-erarap music,”which Myra Stardom  admitted  she listened to religiously growing up.

Myra stardom

Her music is also inspired by late  male Hip Hop  rap Tupac. He’s another male rapper that I’ve always looked up to that I was just like, ‘wow, he’s spit some hard stuff. This is what I want my music to sound like, real explicit, real raw, like you know, a punch to the gut.”

Myra stardom

According to Myra Stardomshe first decided to take her music career seriously when she was about 20. Now, she is been signed  by Emklan Music which is been Own by Okyeame Quophi. That means she has someone managing her.

Myra in an interview  oneday disclosed  that her music has made a difference in her community. “It definitely has made an impact within my community, you know and definitely in the music industry and I’m glad to have gotten it done.”

Myra stardom

“I just feel like, everybody was definitely into it. Everybody was giving me my props and was proud to see a young , transwoman rap.” female Tupac says the general lack of attention female rappers receive is why she does what she does.

“There’s not many females out there getting as much play as male rappers, and I feel like there definitely, definitely needs to be more of a presence in the female rap community. That’s why I’m here making ‘herstory’ by putting out music and being the best I can be in my role.”


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