Tourism according to the WTO refers to the activities of people or individuals travelling to and staying at places outside their usual place of residence for more than 24hours and less than a year for the purpose of leisure, pleasure, recreation and business purposes for which the activities at the place of visit are not to be remunerated.
Christaller is one of the early scholars that considered tourism as a growth pole due to it’s high multiplier effect and high connectivity with other sectors of the economy.
In this light, we can say that tourism is a tool for development. Therefore developing tourism as a sector of an economy provides great Avenue for income generation which will be invested back in the economy for national development.
Realizing the HUGE benefits of tourism to an economy, Miss Tourism Ghana in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, arts and Culture, Environment 360 and the Movenpick ambassador Hotel have taken it upon themselves to organize the YOUTH IN TOURISM CONFERENCE 2019 program with the aim and objectives of addressing MARINE LITTER in order to create tourism for the better. The Conference have its theme as “combat marine litter, create tourism” .
The Conference will take place on the 10th of June, 2019 and the venue will be at the Movenpick ambassador hotel, Accra for which the time for the Conference will be from 9: 00 in the morning to 3:00pm.
The youths are the main factor of this Conference because considering the age pyramid of Ghana, the youth are the majority, it is these same youth that mostly influence marine litter as a result of humanly existence and the most important reason with respect to tourism will be for the fact that;”tourism empowers women, the youth and the marginalized population”.
Any youth of the country can register for the Conference my calling any of the numbers on the flyer above.

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