New Earth Life Sciences Inc presents -Train the trainer business event launch


New Earth Life Sciences Inc. is an industry leader in the production of Stem Cell Nutritional supplements and other wellness products. New Earth is an American based company and now wants to expand it shares in Africa through an opening Ghana to reach the rest of the African countries.

New earth aims to empower people around the world to experience better health, success and significance.

The company also offers more passion, inspiration and stability according to its (CEO) MR. BILAL RUKNUDDEEN

“At New Earth , people can make more than money. We provide three primary benefits –

1. A chance to improve health
2.Enhance your wealth and
3. Achieve more through personal development “, he remarked

Mr. Ruknuddeen said new earth is committed to providing all of its associates with the resources they need to build a successful business.

_He also emphasized that “We will together build a foundation that will last. We are not in Ghana to exploit the people, or make some money and leave, we are here to grow with you and to live and carry people by helping them live their dreams,” he said._

The Company’s flagship product RENEW
….. which have the potency of protecting our stems cells. RENEW is a unique combination of natural super food that work synergistically to support the growth and maintenance of adult stem cells

  • Helps the body replenish and renew itself
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Supplies vitamins D3
  • Increases natural adult stem cell growth

The second international trend, he pointed out, was the consumer need for network marketing businesses. “This need is illustrated by the inadequacies in public health care. Currently, a growing aging population, the rise of chronic illnesses, and massive budget problems are plaguing public health care systems.

Everybody has stem cells
Everybody uses stem cells
Everybody uses stem cells everyday
Stem cells work
And they work every TIME!

_Author of Amazing Power of STEM CELL NUTRITION

Prevention of these problems is just as important as treatment, and New Earth offers products that may help people live better, healthier lives,” he said.
Realizing the HUGE benefits of health to an economy, New earth have taken it upon themselves to organize the

business event launch with the aim and objectives of addressing health issues in order to create wealth for all.

_The launch will take place on the_

18th – 20th June, 2019 in Accra
_3rd Floor LW, Pyramid House, Ring Road Accra
10:00am to 5:00pm

21st June – Kumasi
10:00am to 2:00pm

It is a great business opportunity open to all.

Everyone can register for *FREE* to attend the Business Event Launch by calling any of the numbers on the flyer above.

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