Top 4 break up texts you should never send to an ex


Technology improvement is what has to the birth of texting. Texting allows us to connect with our loved ones both near and afar. After a breakup, texting your ex might feel so improper and self-annihilating.

Below is a look at some of the top 4 break up texts you should never send to an ex

Congratulating them on their new relationship

There are bottomless motivations to cease from messaging your ex all the more so after you learn they are in another relationship. Starting up a discussion with your ex isn’t terrible if your separation was neighborly and aware. In any case, it may seem youthful in the event that you message your ex when plainly your ex is in another relationship. When they are in another relationship abstain from messaging them and focus on healing your injuries.

I just heard our song

Being in a relationship long will make you and your beloved offer numerous memories. Over the span of your relationship, you will think of jokes that are just relatable to you two. The main melody you moved to with your ex can be so unwinding and smooth. Anyway, when you part ways with your ex, reminding them that you’ve heard your song is one of the break up texts you should never send to an ex cause it won’t support a single bit. In the occasion, he/she doesn’t answer your text you’ll be more frustrated.

 Can we still be friends

At the point when your relationship comes to at an end, you may be confused that every one of your memories was for naughts. When you attempt to assemble a friendship out of separation you’ll just hurt yourself more.

I miss you

Breakups can be disappointing and we are bound to feel lonely from time to time. However, telling your ex how much you miss them won’t help in healing your broken heart



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