Reasons Why People Fear Nogokpo


Is there any name in Ghana more dreaded and feared like Nogokpo? Likely not. Be that as it may, what is Nogokpo and for what reason does the simple notice of the name send shudders down the spine of many individuals?

Nogokpo, to numerous Ghanaians, is the name of an acclaimed god someplace in the Volta locale of Ghana. However, is that everything to the name Nogokpo?

Nogokpo is the name of a community in the Ketu South Municipal of the Volta area, just along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway. The little town is one of the most referenced towns in Ghana as a result of the nearness of a popular sanctum situated in the town.

As indicated by legend and history specialists of the towns, the holy place was brought to the town after a warmed misconstruing between the townsfolk and their then-boss, Torgbui, in the mid -1900s. From that point forward the sanctum has become their profound defender offering them security against detestable soul just as settling contrasts and offering equity to the abused and tricked.

Occurrences of wrongdoing, for example, taking is nearly not presence in the community because of the dread of being rebuffed seriously by the divine forces of the sanctuary, particularly in situations where the injured individual counsels the place of worship and requests for the steal or culprit to be rebuffed harshly.

While the town may not be an enormous the travel industry goal because of the dread it strikes in individuals, there are a couple of valiant ones who every so often make the outing to Nogokpo to have a more critical take a gander at the hallowed place that bestows dread into one and all, regardless of whether old or youthful, rich or poor.

The not many who have visited the town to proceed to view the well known sanctum have complimented the town individuals and how inviting and inviting they are. This might be the opportunity to at long last execute your interest and go view the sanctum that gets men to shudder at the minor notice of its name.

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