Lake Bosomtwe

Lake Bosomtwe

Ghana is a nation favored with numerous oceanic assets from lovely oceans to some astounding streams that course through the nation. Be that as it may, one thing Ghana really needs is the wealth of common lakes, with Lake Bosontwe being the main lake nature provided Ghana with.

Lake Bosomtwe is situated in the Ashanti area of Ghana, some 30km south-east of the provincial capital Kumasi. It is one of the most prominent travel industry goals in the Ashanti area, getting a huge number of guests consistently.

As per legend, the Lake was first found in 1648 by one hunter known as Akora. He is accepted to have pursued a harmed antelope in the rainforest. The antelope all of a sudden vanished after getting to a spot where a little lake was found. Akora by one way or another accepted the lake was a divine being that had acted the hero of the Antelope. Rather than coming back to his town of Asaman, he settled close to the little lake and started fishing. He at that point named the spot Bosomtwe which translates into Antelope god.

The lake is surrounded by little dispersed towns that have a consolidated populace of around 65,000. Sightseers who advance toward the Lake and mean to put in two or three days at the site, for the most part, settle in the encompassing towns, particularly Bono, which is the greatest and generally well known of all the close by towns. Exercises for voyagers remember a ride for the lake, swimming and some fun exercises at the shores of the lake.


In the Ashanti custom, the Lake is viewed as sacrosanct water, where leaving spirits to make their last stop to say goodbye to the waterway god that secured them for the duration of their lives before making the voyage to the hereditary terrains. One disputable and famous convention related to Lake Bosomtwe is the utilization of wooden board fish on the lake. Anglers are just permitted to ride on the lake utilizing wooden boards rather than vessels. This as per the Traditions of the Ashantis is intended to demonstrate regard to the Asaase Ya, the waterway goddess and it is viewed as a forbidden to angle on the lake using current vessel.


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