Abena Korkor almost k!lls herself


Famed Ghanaian bipolar patient, Abena Korkor, who has been capitalizing on her sickness to do all sorts of f0olish things has dropped a new video in which she claims she almost k!lled herself because she is tired of the agonies of life.

In this fast trending video that has surfaced online, the former TV3 employee, emphatically stated that she wishes she could turn back the clock on some of the poor mistakes she has made in her life.

And that, she is devastated that she has become a monster living in a human body.

The part-time nudist and brand influencer for various lingerie companies also recounted how she traded narcotics some time ago which has consequently put her into a complete mess with her life choices.

In her own words;

I woke up early this morning and I have cried my heart out. I have cried my mind, my soul, and heart out. I was just asking God like you know, when did I become that woman that people are so convinced wants to destroy their homes, tarnish their image. When did I become that woman?”,

“I don’t recognize myself as such a person. It is not something that I feed on or get joy from to see other people suffer. Sometimes when these things happen, in my defense I sort of go like… and I say that f##k it, I am not that person. It is not even something that I wish, plan, enjoy to do. I hate people that do that.”

“I just trying to you know, I’m figuring out like when did this all start? When did this have to be part of my journey?… I even got to the point this morning where I even thought of killing myself this morning because it is like I’m tired. I’m tired, this world is not good for good people…

Check out the video below to know more…

Far from this news, Kwame A Plus has accused Abena Korkor as the notorious person behind the Bomboshelli Sel account who dropped dirty secrets about Serwaa Amihere last Friday

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