Anita Pointer Biography
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Anita Pointer Biography, Net Worth, Cause of Death, Husband, Daughter. Anita Pointer is a Grammy Award-winning American vocalist and songwriter best known as a founding member of the vocal group The Pointer Sisters. Unfortunately, the singer died on December 31st at the age of 74 in her California home in Beverly Hills.

Anita Pointer Biography

Anita Pointer was a member of “The Pointer Sisters,” whose music captivated the world. Her parents, Reverend Elton Pointer and Sarah Elizabeth, raised a family of six children in Oakland, California, United States of America. Her parents were from Arkansas, despite the fact that she was born in California.

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While her parents were in Arkansas, she stayed with her grandparents to study, thus she finished fifth year at McRae Jr. High and tenth school at McRae High School. While residing in Prescott, she participated in the McRae High School band as an alto sax player.

In 1969, she quit her job as a secretary to form The Pointer Sisters with her younger sisters, June and Bonnie.

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Who are the Pointer Sisters?

The Pointer Sisters were originally a trio consisting of Bonnie, Anita, and June before June’s older sister Ruth joined the group in 1972, making them a quartet.

The Pointer Sisters’ top ten hits were recorded in the United States, where Anita garnered three Grammy Awards before leaving in 2015.

The ensemble was the first modern act to perform at the San Francisco Opera House, as well as the first African-American musical group to perform on the Grand Ole Opry.

Anita Pointer’s cause of death

Anita Pointer’s publicist, Roger Neal, said on New Year’s Eve that the singer had died of cancer at the age of 74.

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Anita Pointer husband

The singer married twice and has one child with her first husband, David Harper, Jada Rashawn Pointer.

Anita Pointer net worth

Anita Pointer has surely made a lot as a singer, and her net worth is believed to be $5 million.

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