Cheating husband helps sidechic jump down from storey building when wife came knocking on the door [Video]


There is a viral video of a cheating husband helping his sidechic jump down from the storey building they were allegedly have romantic time when his wife came knocking on the door.

img 0278

Well it’s seems the wife was having the feeling that the husband was having an affair with another lady and due to that feeling she decided to pay her husband a visit at home. Upon hearing the knock on the door the cheating husband quickly went downstairs to spy who it was until he saw his wife.

Upon seeing her he quickly went back to alert the side chick to escape through the windows.

People living around the building helped the girl get down safely after the wife had forcefully opened the door and gone inside to assess the situation. The diminutive side chic quickly hid herself under a cardboard in order to hide from the angry woman.

She was eventually caught and the chase that took place is best seen in the video below:


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