Dori Monson Biography
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Dori Monson, a conservative Seattle radio presenter, died. Dori Monson, a long-time Seattle radio broadcaster, died on December 31, 2022. He was 61. The terrible news was conveyed on Twitter by the KIRO Newsradio family and Bonneville International Corporation.

“The KIRO Newsradio family and Bonneville International Corporation – along with the immediate family of Dori Monson – are deeply saddened to announce Dori’s sudden passing Saturday night at a Seattle hospital.”

Cathy Cangiano, senior vice president, and marketing manager for Bonneville Seattle said,

“We join Dori’s family in mourning his passing,”

“We are streaming a tribute to honor and celebrate his life and legacy.”

Dori Monson Biography

Dori Monson was a radio personality in the United States. Monson began his broadcasting career as a sports producer at KING-TV[3] and a sports reporter and host at KING AM[4]. Monson moved to KIRO-FM 100.7 after the Pat Cashman Show transferred stations in 1994.

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In 1995, Dave Ross moved to the prior 9:00 a.m. to noon morning slot, and Monson was granted his show on KIRO from noon to 3:00 p.m.

His program’s prevailing political viewpoint was initially thought to be approximately middle-of-the-road in the 1990s. He frequently stood in opposition to the conservative Republicans who controlled Congress by supporting then-President Bill Clinton, particularly during the impeachment hearings following the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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Dori Monson Cause of Death

Dori Monson’s death has left the community in mourning. He had health problems in recent years and was brought to the hospital on December 29 after suffering a cardiac episode at home. He died on December 31, 2022.

Apart from the confirmation of his death, it is yet unknown what caused his death, and the specific Dori Monson cause of death has not been revealed.

We are seeking to contact Dori Monson’s friends and family in order to learn more about his demise. This section will be updated as soon as fresh information about the tragic tragedy that moved many people to tears becomes available.

Dori Monson Wife

Suzanne Monson, a freelance copywriter, is Dori Monson’s wife. She was a writer for the Seattle Times for over two decades. She started at the Seattle Times in 1999, writing Money Makeover stories about the relatable profits of Puget Sound citizens battling financial difficulties.

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Dori Monson Children

Dori Monson, along with his wife, had three daughters. The five-person family lived in Lake Forest Park, Washington, with their dog.

Dori Monson Net Worth

Dori Monson’s net worth is believed to be $5 million. He is a well-known radio personality.

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