Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa gave everyone transportation – Heaven Way Church drops evidence

Mama Pat Agradaa, an evangelist, has been in the news since Saturday for reportedly running a money-doubling scam in her church. Mama Pat Agradaa, an evangelist, has been under fire since Saturday for reportedly perpetrating a money-doubling scam at her church.

The head of the Heaven Way Champion International Church is currently being held in police custody on fraud accusations.

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She advertised that she would be sharing 3 billion during the Friday All Night Service, but according to some attendees, she insisted on offering first.

She left with honoring the commitment after they paid the offertory with large sums of money, expecting a big share of the 3 billion cedis she had promised.

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A fresh video has surfaced on social media showing Evangelist Mama Pat distributing transportation funds to members of the congregation. People who have commented on the video believe that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what she allegedly took.

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