Ghana Should Get Prepared For Famine – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the General Overseer and head of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has warned Ghanaians to prepare for impending hunger.

The man of God exaggerated during a live Facebook session, saying that roughly 95% of his prophecies have come to pass and that people should take his revelations seriously.

The man of God advised Ghanaians to fasten their shoes in preparation for a famine season. He revealed that there will soon be a shortage of food and fuel.

In his words, “Let Ghana prepare for famine. There is going to be a lot of famine. There are going to be shortages of fuel very soon. I see a lot of people queuing for basic commodities in Ghana. I’m saying prophetically that in every prophecy I have given by the spirit of God, about 95% of them have come past. This is what I have seen happening in the next two years”.

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Other news includes the sharing of another prophecy by prophet Nigel Gaisie prior to the 2024 elections. The man of God revealed on Facebook that he has been observing flames in the atmosphere, but that he has also been interceding and praying for the nation.

“One of the major reasons why the country Umuafia is intact is the hope or belief the general majority have in the opposition parties. As a Prophet, I keep seeing flames but I am always on my altars working and speaking against it spiritually, and *where I have to make a call, I make that call**”, part of his post read.

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