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Grant Wahl Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Brother


Grant Wahl is a sports writer from the United States.

He also talks about soccer for CBS Sports.

He is a Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated and a Fox Sports correspondent.

The book “The Becham Experience” was written by Grant.

He went to college at Princeton from 1992 to 1996 and high school at Shawnee Mission East.

Grant Wahl’s Death Cause

He died on December 10, 2022, according to reports. He was in Qatar to report on the World Cup in 2022. Grant was live-tweeting the game between Argentina and the Netherlands just a few hours ago.

His last tweet was at 1:05 PM. He passed out at the stadium, where CPR was done on him before he was taken by Uber to a hospital, where he later died.

Wahl said Thursday in a podcast that he got bronchitis while covering the World Cup… which meant he couldn’t do his job for a few days.

His wife in a statement on his death said “I am so thankful for the support of my husband @GrantWahl’s soccer family & of so many friends who’ve reached out tonight.”

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However, his brother Eric Wahl believes his brother was rather killed. He sad “I do not believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed.”

Why Grant Wahl Was Detained In Qatar

During the first game, Grant Wahl was held for 30 minutes. He was seen wearing a shirt that supported gay people in a country where that was against the law. When security saw him, they held him for a few minutes.

Grant Wahl Siblings: Who Is Eric Wahl?

Grant had a brother when he was a kid. Eric Wahl is the name of his brother. People don’t know much about him except that he cheers for his brother. Eric Wahl believ

Grant Wahl Age: How Old Is Grant Wahl?

On December 2, 1974, Grant Wahl was born. He was born in the US, in the town of Mission, Kansas.

Grant Wahl Wife: Who is Celine Gounder?

Celine Gounder was married to Grant Wahl. Celine is a doctor, an internist, an epidemiologist, a director of films, and a Medical Journalist. She is an expert in infectious diseases and health around the world. Celine was an important part of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board transition team. Celine went to John Hopkins University and got a degree there. On April 22, 1977, she was born.

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Grant Wahl children: Who are Grant and Wahl? Children

We don’t know anything about his children. But he was married to a doctor named Celine. People say that they live with their two dogs and don’t have any kids together.

Grant Wahl brother: Who is Eric Wahl?

Grant Wahl and his brother Eric grew up together. Eric, his brother, thinks that he killed his brother. In a video he made where he questioned the death of his brother, Eric said:

“My name is Eric Wahl. I live in Seattle, Washington. I am Grant Wahl’s brother. I’m gay. I am the reason he wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup. My brother was healthy. He told me he received death threats. I do not believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed. And I just beg for help”.

“We’re still trying to find out (what happened). He collapsed at the stadium, was given cpr, was taken by Uber to hospital and died according to Celine (Grant’s wife). We just spoke with the state department and Celine has spoken to Ron Klain and the White House,” he added.

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