How To Apply For Passport In Ghana
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How To Apply And Renew Your Ghana Passport In 2023. The Ghana Passport is currently ranked 80th among all passports in the world. A Ghana passport allows you to travel to 62 countries. You can apply for a Ghana passport online and pick it up at any passport application center across the country within a few days.

The cost of obtaining a passport has increased, so please keep this in mind before visiting any center to begin your application. With a few guidelines, this article will assist you in applying for a passport online.

Requirements For Applying For A Ghana Passport

  • Birth Certificate (Proof of Ghanaian citizenship)
  • Identity-supporting documents, such as a driver’s license or a national ID card
  • If the candidate is actively employed, a cover letter from their employer or a work ID card with their name, the name of their employer, and their position are acceptable forms of proof of their profession.
  • A student ID is required if the candidate is currently enrolled in school.
  • Unemployed candidates, homemakers/housewives, and those working in non-formal industries such as mechanics, hairdressers, seamstresses, traders, and so on, do not need to provide documentation.
  • Self-employed and registered business owners must show proof of their business registration certificate.)
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Renewing Applicants Requirements

  • First page, page with a biography, and page with information.
  • If the applicant is in possession of a valid visa, it should be on the last page of their old passport.
  • If your profession has changed, please provide proof.

Types of Passport Applications

Note that there are a few passport types, each with a different price with a defined amount of pages for usage.

  • A 48-page Expedited Application will cost GHS 200.00
  • Expedited Application 32 Pages GHS 150.00
  • 32 pages Standard Application will cost GHS 100.00
  • Standard Application with 48 Pages will cost GHS 150.00
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How To Apply For The Ghana Passport Online

Currently, the country has 11 passport centers where people must queue to have their biometric information captured, go through a few processes, and receive their passports within a few days to months.

If your online application is successful, you will receive your passport within 10 to 20 working days.

How To Apply And Renew Your Ghana Passport In 2023
Online Passport Application


  1. Applicants must visit the website
  2. You then have to fill in the necessary questions on the form and download it online.
  3. Print proof of your ID card, Birth Certificate, and Proof of Profession
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How To Make Payments For The Ghana Passport

  1. Click on the register when you visit the passport application website on
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Click on New Applications
  4. When payment options appear you may choose from any bank you are using the options. Note that various mobile money options are available as well.
  5. Enter your number and confirm the payment on your phone.
  6. The portal will then take you to a page to continue your process.
How To Apply And Renew Your Ghana Passport In 2023
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