Jenn Krasna Obituary
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Jenn Krasna Obituary: How did Jenn KrasnaDie? Jenn Krasna, a teacher at Charlestown Elementary School in Great Valley, Pennsylvania, 30 miles west of Philadelphia, died.

The sudden passing of a teacher and new mother only a few days after the birth of her second child has shocked many people.

Jennifer Krasna, a teacher at Charlestown Elementary School in Malvern, Pennsylvania, died on Monday. Her family consists of a husband and two sons, whom she will leave behind.

As of this writing, a GoFundMe page set up in Jennifer’s honor had raised more than $190,000, far exceeding the initial fundraising goal of $50,000.

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Jennifer taught in the Great Valley School District for eight years, beginning with her student teaching experience.

Jenn Krasna Obituary: How did Jenn KrasnaDie?

Jennifer Krasna, a teacher at Malvern Elementary School, died on Monday. Among those she leaves behind are her husband and two sons.
Jennifer is “magical” in the classroom, according to Principal Chris Pickell, who also praised her for tailoring her lessons to each student’s specific needs.

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The unexpectedness of it has shocked the community, according to Pickell. “Jenn loved her students and would go out of her way for them,” her coworkers said.

Jennifer’s parents and husband are both teachers, and they are just two of many educators in her family.

Pickell remarked, “Every time I saw her, she was always smiling and saying good morning and asking me how I was doing.” She would tell substitute teachers in the building, “If you need anything, I’m in this classroom and you can come and ask for my help.”

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