Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?

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Kevin Costner Son: Who is Liam Costner? Liam Costner is the son of the famous veteran American actor Kevin Costner and a stepson of American Billionaire personality William Ingraham Koch. 

Liam Costner was born into a wealthy family. His mother, Bridget Costner ( now Bridget Rooney Koch), is a model and an actress well known for her role in Zoombie or Not Zombie. She is the ex-lover of Kevin Costner and the current wife of billionaire William Ingraham Koch (Bill Koch)

Continue reading this article to find out more details about who Kevin Costner’sson is, his career and his personal life.

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?

Liam Costner, born on November 15, 1996, is the son of American ’90s most beloved actors Kevin Costner and Bridget Costner (Bridget Rooney Koch). Liam Costner’s father and mother are said to have first met while golfing. The two began dating and had a relationship together. The two kept the relationship private and never made public appearances together.

At the time of dating Bridget Costner, Liam Costner’s father, Kevin Costner, had divorced his first wife, Cindy Silva, before dating Bridget Costner in 1994. Kevin Costner’s first wife had kids with him who later became Liam Costner’s step-siblings.

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Cindy Silva with her three kids, Annie, Lily, and Joe Costner.

Kevin Costner and Bridget Costner did not get along so well while in a relationship. The two parted ways before Liam Costner was born. It is reported that the two had an unstable relationship at the beginning before breaking up. Liam Costner’s father broke up with his mother at a very young age. It must be noted that Kevin Costner and Bridget Costner never married but had a relationship together before things took a turn.

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Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Liam Costner with his mom, Bridget Rooney Koch.

According to some reports, Kevin Costner was still married to his first wife, Cindy Costner, at the time who have been together for three years. However, as reported by some media outlets, the birth of Liam Costner was the result of their failed relationship.

Liam Costner’s mother, Bridget Costner, subsequently got engaged to American billionaire William Koch who became Liam Costner’s stepfather to date. Bridget Costner tied the knot with William Koch in 2005, who rose to more fame after the marriage with him. 

Liam Costner’s father, however, also married again to an American model and handbag designer, Christine Baumgartner (Kevin Costner’s second wife). 

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner had kids with her who also became Liam Costner’s younger step-siblings.

Born to a famous actor and a stepson of an American Billionaire, Liam Costner is one of the known celebrity kids in Hollywood. However, Liam Costner has constantly kept part of his life private despite being associated with two wealthy families. 

Who is Kevin Costner?

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner before meeting Liam Costner’s mother was a famous American actor, director, and producer who has appeared in many famous movies. Kevin Costner is one of many most beloved 90’s actors who is well known for his work. Some of his notable work and movies produced are, The Body Guard, Bull Durham, Yellow Stone, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, Open Range, JFK, The Untouchables, and among many others. 

Although Kevin Costner is currently engaged with Christine Baumgartner and has three kids (Cayden Wyatt Costner, Hayes Logan Costner and Grace Avery Costner) together, Kevin Costner still maintains a good cordial relationship with his son, Liam Costner.

When Did Liam Costner Parents Met?

Liam Costner’s parents, are reported to have met while golfing. The exact place can not be identified, but as per some reports, the two were sporting and they both formed an acquaintance.

Liam Costner Mother, Who Is Bridget Rooney Koch?

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Bridget Rooney Koch and Michelle-Henderson

Liam Costner’s mother, Bridget Rooney Koch, is an American born on May 1962. She is a model and an actress well known for her role in Zoombie or Not Zombie. She is the ex-lover of veteran American actor Kevin Costner, with whom both had a son (Liam Costner) before breaking up and tying the knot to American billionaire William Ingraham Koch (Bill Koch).

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William Koch is an American billionaire, businessman, sailor, and collector with a Forbes estimated net worth of $1.8 billion in 2019. He is the brother of the affluent Charles Koch who is also a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of Koch Industries.

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
William Koch

Bridget Rooney Koch married William Koch in 2005 a few years after parting ways with Kevin Costner in Colorado. At the time of their marriage, William Koch happens to be 22 years older than Bridget. However, the significant age difference between the couple is no problem to them as both couple tag along very well with each other. There have not been any publicly reported issues between the two since marriage.

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Bridget Rooney Koch and husband William Koch

Bridget Rooney Koch, who is younger than billionaire William Koch both have a daughter, Kaitlin, a well-known actress in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Who Is The Mother Of Liam Costner?

Liam Costner’s mother is Bridget Costner who is now known as Bridget Rooney Koch. She is the ex-lover of Liam Costner’s father, Kelvin Costner, and is currently the wife of American billionaire personality William Ingraham Koch (Bill Koch).

Despite Bridget Rooney’s rise to fame, information about her early childhood, family, and early career has not been publicly disclosed or published.

Liam Costner Career

Liam Costner is a well-known celebrity kid and a stepson to billionaire William Koch works as a real estate agent at Frankel-Bell Reality. He is involved in the real estate business which is far from the career of his biological father as an actor. 

Aside from being a real estate agent, there are no other details about the early career work he has been involved in.

What Is Liam Costner Age/ How Old Is Liam Costner?

Liam Costner is currently 27 years as of 2023.

Is Kevin Costner’s Son An Actor?

Kevin Costner’s son, Liam Costner, is not an actor like his dad and has no association with the Hollywood entertainment Industry. Kevin Costner’s son is a real estate agent who sells and buys properties.

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Does Liam Costner Have A Relationship With Kevin Costner?

Yes, Liam Costner still has a bonding relationship with his father Kevin Costner. The two are on good terms. 

What Is Liam Costner Relationship Status?

It is unknown Liam Costner’s relationship status as he keeps most of his life private from the public. However, it is reported he is dating Bella Moore, but this alone cannot be true there have not been pictures of both of them seen in public together.

Who are Liam Costner Siblings?

Kevin Costner Son: Who Is Liam Costner?
Annie Costner, Kevin Costner, and Lily Costner attend the premiere of Black Or White in LA on Jan. 20, 2015.

Who are Liam Costner’s Siblings? Liam Costner has seven step-siblings. The first three of his step-siblings are from his father’s first marriage to Cindy Costner. His three elderly siblings are Annie Costner (born April 15, 1984), Lily Costner (born August 4, 1986) and Joe Costner (born 31, 1988). 

Liam Costner’s other younger step-siblings, Cayden Wyatt Costner (born 2001), Hayes Logan Costner (born February 2009) and Grace Avery Costner (born June 2, 2010) are the kids of his father’s second marriage with Christine Baumgartner.

Liam’s last step-sibling and sister, Kaitlin, is the daughter of his mother and stepfather William Kosh. Liam Costner has no other biological sibling apart from himself.

His step-siblings, Kaitlin, Annie, and Joseph are in the Hollywood entertainment industry with Kaitlin well known to be an actress.

Liam Costner Net Worth

What is Liam Costner Net Worth? Liam Costner’s net worth has not been publicly disclosed by reliable sources. This results from how he has kept most of his personal and work life private from the public making it strenuous to ascertain his actual net worth.

However, well known to be associated with famous American actor Kevin Costner and stepson of billionaire William Kosh, he has several properties and a huge bank balance.

According to some reports online, Liam Costner although cannot be said of his approximate net worth is reported to have inherited $800 million from his step-dad and $40 million from his biological dad, Kevin Costner.


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