Master P and Romeo Miller’s beef explained
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A family dispute has caused Master P and Romeo Miller to argue on social media. In December 2022, the father and son duo got embroiled in a heated verbal battle that stunned fans.

Master P and Romeo Miller’s Beef Explained

What is the beef between Master P and Romeo Miller?

After appearing to criticize the creator of No Limit Records regarding the passing of his sister Tatyana Miller, Romeo revealed himself on social media. Tatyana tragedy passed away from fentanyl intoxication in May 2022.

 “Today was a boiling point,” the rapper wrote on social media in a post on December 16, 2022.

“I seen a man avoid his own children struggle with suicide and depression but post another man whom passed today that he doesn’t even know.

“Yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed.”

Romeo made fun of Master P after the musician’s Instagram tribute to the late tWitch Boss.

These are crazy times we are living in, you can be smiling one day and Gone the next! Master had shared a video of the late DJ and SnoopDogg dancing.

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“He was supposed to be a guest DJ on a concert we were having Jan 13th. Life is Too Short, Appreciate your loved one. #Mentalillness is Real.”

What has Master P said?

Master P swiftly blasted his son’s “disrespect” as he opened up about his own struggles dealing with his daughter’s tragic death.  

In a post, he penned: “I wouldn’t wish this on no parent, especially when you try to do everything you can for your kids.”

He added: “@romeomiller What’s the plan? You are either part of the problem or the solution. I love you and the door is always open for you but I won’t tolerate disrespect.

“I haven’t talked to you or seen you in months. God knows I’ve tried to do my best.”

Following up with a lengthy video addressing the riff on Instagram, he accused his son of trivialising the tragedy.

“I’m at peace now, I know the Truth. This social media rant was never about my daughter. This is about some money,” he captioned the post.

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“Houses, cars and jewelry are temporary, you can’t take any of it with you when you die. Life is too short. People gotta stop being ungrateful and place blame when they’re not where they want to be in life.

“I’m tired of people saying they love me only when I give them something. I’m not an ATM machine or a robot, I have feelings too. Thanks for all your prayers, we need it.

“I’m moving on, going back to work and hustle for the ones that appreciate me.”

In another post he added: “This new generation of kids need to stop blaming their parents for everything. How do they think they got to where they are without their parents making sacrifices for them?”

“Mental illness is real and so many families are tragically affected by it especially when there is added trauma like death of a loved on.”

What has Romeo Miller said?

A day after his initial post, Romeo continued to take shots at his father in the form of a poem titled “The Tree of Trauma,” – urging stronger action on mental health.

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Plus, in an allegedly separate DM, Romeo claimed their bust up was the “last straw” and asked his father to “stop trying to play the victim,” reported Hip Hop Dx.

“I loved you so much that I followed you blindly for 30+yrs,” he allegedly wrote. “You know we’ve talked behind closed doors.

“You aren’t the man who you paint to be and why is it war I refuse to follow ur lead. You only want to protect your image, but the image isn’t even real.

“And I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me pops, I’m truly a man of God. If you are really a man of God, then you will prevail in the end, even when I share my truth.”

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