Naba Das Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause of Death, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Family

Naba Das Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause of Death, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Family. Naba Kishore Das, an Odisha minister, died on Sunday night after being shot by Gopal Das, an assistant sub-inspector. The health minister and Gopal were not adversaries, but Gopal’s wife revealed that he suffered from a mental illness. The motive for the attack has not yet been determined, but Gopal is being questioned while in police custody.

Naba Das Biography

Naba Kishore Das (born 7 January 1962) was an Indian politician who represented Jharsuguda in the Odisha Legislative Assembly from 2009 until his death. He was a member of the Indian National Congress before switching to the Biju Janata Dal.

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In Odisha politics, Das was a member of the Biju Janata Dal. He previously served in the Indian National Congress. Das received 62,663 votes in the 14th Odisha Legislative Assembly. He was then elected for a second term to the 15th Odisha Legislative Assembly. He was also re-elected to the 16th Odisha Legislative Assembly for a third time. He was the state’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare at the time of his death.

Naba Das Cause of Death

Das was shot by a police officer on January 29, 2023, in Brajarajnagar, Jharsuguda district. He was transported to a hospital in Bhubaneswar with bullet wounds. Was killed while receiving treatment. The Odisha government has launched an investigation into the incident.

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Naba Das Wife

Narasingh Chandra Das is Naba Das’ father. Minati Das is Naba Das’s wife. Das and his wife are said to have two children: Vishal Das, a son, and Dipali Das, a daughter.

Dipali Das, Naba Das’s son, has carried on his father’s legacy by managing the family business. In October 2022, Naba Das appointed his daughter Dipali Das as the Leader of Jharsuguda. Dipali and her father are frequently seen in political forums.

Naba Das Net Worth

Naba Das owns properties worth Rs. 34 crores. According to media reports, he is one of the wealthiest MLAs. However Naba Das Net Worth is not available.

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