The Top 5 Peter Navarro Books Every Economist Should Read
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Peter Navarro was born on July 15, 1949, and is a well-known American economist. He is, however, well-known as one of Donald Trump’s most recognizable aides. During Trump’s presidency, he served as Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and policy coordinator for the National Defense Production Act. Leslie Lebon, an architect by profession, is Peter Navarro’s wife. They share a son named Alex Navarro.

Peter Navarro Books

Below is the list of Peter Navarro Books Every Economist Should Read;

  • Death by China (2011)
  • Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means For the World, and Death by China (2015)
  • The Coming China Wars (2006)
  • If it’s raining in Brazil, buy Starbucks (2001)
  • A Well-timed strategy (2006)
  • What the Best MBAs know (2005)
  • Seeds of destruction (2010)
  • Always a winner (2009)
  • When the market moves, will you be ready? (2003)
  • Made in China: The Ultimate (2009)
  • The New Heart of Darkness (2009)
  • The Big Picture MBA (2008)
  • Blood and Nukes for oil (2009)
  • The Coming China Trade and Economic War (2009)
  • China and Weapons of Mass Product (2009)
  • How to Improve the Seeds of Prosperity Policy Blue Print (2010)
  • Why you can’t Stimulate Your Way to Prosperity (2011)
  • Chinese Counterfeiting and Piracy (2009)
  • Big Picture Investing (2003)
  • Principles of Economics (2005)
  • The Policy Game (1984)
  • The Dimming of America (1985)
  • San Diego Confidential (1999)
  • Power of Microeconomics (1999)
  • Power of Macroeconomics (2000)
  • Bill Clinton’s Agenda for America (1993)
  • Waking Dragon (2007)
  • Job opportunities Under Clinton/Gore

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