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The best Way To Know Fake From Real Prophets Is Whether Their Prophecies Manifest – Nigel Gaisie


Despite a police decree prohibiting men of God from delivering traditional predictions mostly predicting disaster, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has fiercely stated that he will not be cowed.

In response to this, the controversial man of God stated that true prophets, such as himself, will continue to be the vessel in carrying out God’s mission despite the seeming impediment.

He then revealed what distinguishes a true prophet from a forgery.

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According to him, some of the ways Prophets can be determined in the country include the accuracy of prophecies and the boldness of the prophets.

“The best way to differentiate between fake and real prophets is whether their prophecies manifest. No prophet has a 100% record on prophecies. It can never be 100% because we pray against some of things and we also sometimes see things halfway. The sign of boldness is also another factor,” he said.

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In an interview with Power FM, Nigel stated that prophets act as God’s spokespersons and that attempting to govern them would be like attempting to put a check on God, which is impossible.

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