Tom Palmer Cause Of Death, Age, Wife, Children, Books, Net Worth

Tom Palmer Cause Of Death, Age, Wife, Children, Books, Net Worth

Thomas Palmer popularly known in the comic industry as Tom Palmer was born on July 13, 1942, in the United States. Thomas Palmer was a great comic Actor before he passed away at the age of 81. Tom Palmer died on Thursday, 18th August 2022. Tom is survived by his wife Mavis Neal Palmer.

Tom Palmer Cause Of Death

What was Tom Palmer cause of death? The cause of Thomas Palmer’s death has not been revealed but his death was announced via facebook. A post to Palmer’s Facebook page announced: “We are very sad to share the news that legendary comic book inker and artist Tom Palmer passed away on August 18, 2022, at the age of 81. He will be remembered fondly by his loving family and his many fans.”

Tom Palmer books

Tom was a great writer and are known for some great books such as After the War: From Auschwitz to Ambleside – Conkers (Paperback) Summer 1945. He published his 50th book in 2020. He received several honors over his career, including the 2014 Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award from the Inkwells, an Alley Award, and a Comic Fan Art Award.

Palmer produced a tiny quantity of penciled work, but since the 1960s, he has primarily worked as a comic book inker. Palmer recalled the following when reflecting on how he became an inker:

“I walk in the door and pencil [an] issue of Doctor Strange – first job I ever penciled. At the time, I thought I did a good job, but really it was a stinker. It wasn’t up to par.”

“I went back two weeks later to get the next issue, and they said, ‘No, we’re getting someone else to pencil it; would you like to ink it?’ I said ‘Sure!’ I’d never inked anything before! But to this day, if someone asks, ‘Can you handle this new assignment?’ I’ll say ‘Sure!’ I may not know how to tackle that specific assignment today, but by tomorrow or next week I will.”

Below are Tom Palmer books;

  • Over the Line (2014)
    Armistice Runner (2018)
    D-Day Dog (2019)
    After the War (2020)
  • If You’re Proud to be a Leeds Fan
    Arctic Star (2021)
  • Teamwork (prequel)
    Reading the Game
    The Real Thing
    Striking Out
    Captain Fantastic
    Free Kick

Tom Palmer wife

Was Tom Palmer married? Yes, Thomas was a married man with a son who took after his career. Tom Palmer wife is known as Mavis Neal Palmer. Tom Palmer and Mavis Neal Palmer through their union gave birth to a son called Tom Palmer jr.

Tom Palmer children

Did Tom have kids? Tom had a son called Tom Palmer Jr.. Tom Palmer’s son is a well-known writer for the Wizard magazine column Palmer’s Picks and a former editor at DC, followed his father into the comics business.

Tom Palmer net worth

The exact figure of Tom Palmer net worth is not available online however he made money from his career as a comic author.


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