Bobby Rydell Cause Of Death
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Robert Louis “Bobby” Rydell is an American singer and actor. He recorded several hit songs in the early 1960s, including “Wild One”, “Volare”, “Swingin’ School”, and “The Cha-Cha-Cha”. Rydell has been credited with helping to define the sound of Philadelphia’s doo-wop music scene.

Bobby Rydell was born on April 26, 1942, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The son of a dentist and a homemaker, Bobby showed an early interest in music and began his performing career at the age of 12 when he won a talent contest. He soon started appearing on local TV and radio shows, and in 1959 signed with Cameo-Parkway Records. His biggest hit was “Wild One” (1961), which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Who Is Bobby Rydell Wife?

Bobby has been married twice. In 1968, he married his first wife Camille Quattrone Ridarelli. Bobby Rydell first Camille Quattrone Ridarelli died in 2003  as a result of major health issues. The death pf Bobby first wife made him remarry again. In 2009, the singer married a very beautiful woman called Linda Hoffman.

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Linda Hoffman is the second wife of Bobby Rydell. Bobby Rydell and Linda Hoffman Ridarelli have been married for 12 years. The couple met in October 2007.

Linda Hoffman is a cardiac sonographer. Hoffman is the president of his fan group, according to reports. President of the fan group, Linda Ferrino Hoffman.

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From his first wife Bobby had two children known as Jennifer Ridarelli and Robert Ridarelli.

Bobby Rydell net worth

Bobby Rydell net worth 2022 is estimated to be $20 million.

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