Britney Boateng: Ghanaian Musician Shot In America By Sister-In-Law

According to various news outlets, Britney Boateng a Ghanaian living in the United States of America died unexpectedly after being shot.

According to reports, the lady from the United States was a musician who gradually made a name for herself.

Who is Britney Boateng?

Britney Boateng is a musician who lived in the united states of America. She was 22, as she was born in 2000.

Britney Boateng is said to have been shot dead after an altercation with Tyona Dodson, 41, in Colombus’ East Side. Tyona Dodson is said to be the Ghanaian’s sister-in-law.

Police say they were called around 1 a.m. and found Britney in a pool of her own blood, after which she was pronounced dead. Tyona Dadson is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

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