Why Is Pregnant Woman Trending?
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Pregnant women have been trending, particularly on Twitter.

According to the backstory, a lady was caught sleeping with her pastor by her husband.

Worryingly, the lady in question is a pregnant woman whose stomach bursts.

The man in the currently viral video met the two in a doggy-style position, which broke the man’s heart.

In the video, the pregnant woman’s husband can be heard telling his wife and the pastor, who are both naked, not to move or they will be killed by her.

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“Don’t move, I’ll kill you, don’t move.” Get down. “Martha on my bed, Martha on my bed,” the distressed husband is heard saying.

What’s more, there were lighted candles in the room, implying that there were rituals going on, which the man couldn’t fathom. He stepped outside, taken aback by the scene.

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According to reports, the incident occurred in Zambia.According to some social media users, the woman was performing a ritual in order to become very powerful and gain control over her marriage.

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