Alban Bagbin
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The speaker of Parliament for the Republic Of Ghana, Rt. Hon. Alban Kingsford Bagbin has outlined the significance and purpose of the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill in Parliament.

"You Say This Is Human Right? LGBTQ+ Issues Are Not Animal Left"— Alban Bagbin
Speaker Alban Bagbin

Further, Alban Bagbin in a discussion with some members of the civil society in parliament emphasizes on the importance of preserving humanity and traditional Ghanaian values and customs. However, took the opportunity to spell out the attempt of the Western world to lead both Ghanaians and Africans into total extinction from planet Earth.

“It is very clear that in fifty years’ time, there would be no European, it is perished. It is only non Europeans that would be in Europe. As for America, hundred years. And so, they know they are going and they want us to follow them.”

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Alban added ” That is even the easier part, talk of gayism and lesbianism, that is easy,” he registered his displeasure about the “queer” people in the circles of the LGBTQ+, Bagbin said he is most perturbed about it because it contained people who requested for weird classification and kinds of sex preferences.

“You say this is Human Right? Even this is not animal left, how could did be Human Right? I have no doubt in my mind, what we are doing is right, it’s fair and it is meant to preserve a world everlasting “.

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Alban Bagbin iterated that, ” This is a game changer and that is the consensus”. He outlined the comprehensive engagement parliament conducted nationwide.

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