7 Foods That Are Best For Your Teeth

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An open smile is the result of healthy teeth. According to the research study, almost 23.9% of people hide their teeth while smiling and it also concludes that healthier teeth boost the self-confidence in the person. If you are also one of those who hide their teeth while smiling or afraid of smiling openly, then this blog will help you out to improve your oral health.

No doubt, there are many doctors in developing cities including the best dentists in Islamabad that are well known for their dental work but dental treatment is not the solution for getting healthier teeth. Many people avail services of such dentists for making their teeth white and healthier but after some time, their teeth come to their previous condition. Why? Just because they did not adopt a healthy diet.

Your dental health is potently connected with what you eat. Therefore here is the list of 7 foods that you can use for making your teeth healthier.

1.       Cheese

If you are a cheese lover then here is another reason why you should stick to the cheese. The dairy items like cheese and milk are good for your dental health. There are countless researches on the effect of cheese on teeth. Cheese is beneficial for your teeth as it prevents tooth decay. Moreover, it also provides your teeth with important calcium, protein, and nutrients that make your tooth enamel strong. Milk on the other hand increases the pH in the mouth and also reduces the acids that are harmful to your teeth.

Therefore, increase the cheese and milk consumption but also have a check on daily intake because excess of everything is bad.

2.       Yogurt

Another dairy product which is beneficial for your teeth health is yogurt. Yogurt has anti-bacterial properties and fights against bacteria that build plaque. However, before consuming it is also important to check what kind of yogurt you are taking. If you are consuming yogurt with artificial flavor and sweetness, then it will definitely affect your body.

Therefore, before buying any yogurt check the label and use plain yogurt with no artificial flavor and sweetness. For making the taste of yogurt you can add fruits like a banana in it or a little bit of honey for the sweet taste.

3.       Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are not only good for your body but they are also beneficial for your teeth. Such vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. Vegetables like spinach and kale are essential for healthy teeth as they provide calcium and make your teeth enamel stronger. Moreover, folic acid and vitamin B in such vegetables also decrease any gum diseases.

There is no restriction on using such green vegetables as they are also low in calories you can also use it with the smoothie.  

4.       Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is the famous quote. It is not just the quote but it a master plan for spending a healthy life. Besides other body-related benefits, it is also beneficial for the teeth. Apple is rich in fiber and water. When you eat apple your mouth produces saliva which washes away the bacteria and food particles stuck in your mouth. But that does not mean you have to stop brushing your teeth.    

5.       Carrots

After apple another food which is helpful not only for your eyes but also for your teeth is carrot. The chewing of carrot increases the strength of your teeth and like apple, it also washes away the bacteria in your mouth. Carrot also provides vitamin A which is helpful for your body and its daily consumption helps in removing any plaque from your teeth. Moreover, it also prevents cavities.

6.       Almonds

Almonds have many benefits. It is good for your brain, controls cholesterol and its oil is helpful for growing smooth hairs. Besides these, it is also helpful for your teeth because it contains calcium and protein which protects your teeth against any bacteria. Moreover, it is also low in sugar therefore, you can eat it anytime.

7.       Green Tea

Green tea is also good for your teeth. If you are having a bad breath then try green tea as it fights against those bacteria that cause bad breath. Green tea is also helpful for preventing gum and teeth problems. It contains fluoride which is a very common element in many toothpastes. Therefore, green tea is also beneficial for fighting against cavities and tooth decay problems.

Summing Up

Oral health is as important as mental and body health. Therefore to protect yourself from spending a hefty amount on dental surgery it’s better to start taking oral health seriously and start investing in yourself. Add these 7 foods in your meal for improving your oral health and smile again with confidence.

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