Gmb 2023 Eviction Update: Sung-Suma And Afriyie Evicted!
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On 17th September 2023, it was a heartbreaking moment for fans, judges, and contestants such as Sung-Suma and Afriyie as he left the competition.

This week was all about today’s woman. The ladies gave their best by sharing their experiences, challenges, and how they overcame those challenges to achieve what they are today as women.

Serwaah from the Western Region won the star performer after talking about her struggle with low self-esteem due to societal beauty standards favoring light skin. She discusses the issue of skin bleaching and its risks and promotes self-acceptance and healthier beauty perspectives.

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Kwartemaa, representing the Bono Region, got saved by the judges after shedding light on teenage pregnancy, encompassing its causes, consequences, and prevention strategies.

The best dressed contestant for the night is Upper East region’s Aduanige. Aduanige, representing the Upper East Region, provides insights into the importance of girls prioritizing their education and striving for a brighter future.

Nurah, representing Northern Region, sheds light on the development of drug use habits among young individuals, often driven by peer pressure or personal inclinations.

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