Watch: Lady Creates A Smart Bulb Which Is Powered By Clapping Your Hands
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Helen Ugoeze Okereke, a software developer from Nigeria, made a smart bulb that can run on its own.

Helen set up the light so that it would turn on when someone clapped their hands instead of when they flipped the switch.

The young woman said she had to set it up so that it would only respond to her clap and not to any other noise or sound, no matter how loud it was. She posted a video showing how it works and showing that only a hand clap can turn it on. She admitted that making sure the algorithm can tell the difference between the noises was not easy.

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She clapped her hands once, and the smart bulb lit up brightly right away. To turn it off, she had to clap her hands twice.

Taking to her Twitter page to show off her innovation, Helen wrote; ”Building a smart bulb that is controlled with a clap. The bulb turn on automatically when you clap and off when you double clap.”

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