Cecily Tynan Salary
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Early Life

Cecily Tynan, a renowned meteorologist, was born on March 19, 1969, in Newton, Connecticut. Her fascination with weather began at a young age when she experienced the unpredictable climate of New England. Growing up, she often watched the skies change, sparking a lifelong interest in meteorology.


Tynan’s educational journey was a crucial stepping stone towards her meteorological career. She attended the esteemed Washington & Lee University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Politics. Her background in journalism would later prove invaluable in her meteorological career, as effective communication is paramount in delivering weather forecasts to the public.

However, Tynan’s passion for weather led her to pursue further studies in meteorology. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from the prestigious Pennsylvania State University. This educational foundation equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of meteorology.

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Professional Career

Cecily Tynan’s meteorological career took off when she joined WPVI-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station in Philadelphia. Her talent and dedication quickly became evident, and she rose through the ranks to become the station’s Chief Meteorologist. Her warm and engaging on-air presence, combined with her deep meteorological expertise, made her a beloved figure in the Philadelphia area.

Tynan’s career extended beyond television broadcasting. She contributed to various weather-related publications and collaborated with local schools to promote meteorology education. Her outreach efforts aimed to inspire the next generation of meteorologists and weather enthusiasts.


Cecily Tynan’s meteorological prowess earned her the respect of her peers and the trust of her viewers. She expertly dissected weather patterns, delivering accurate forecasts that were essential for residents of the Delaware Valley. Her forecasts became a staple in the lives of countless individuals, guiding them through everything from sunny days to severe storms.

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One of Tynan’s most notable achievements was her coverage of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Her calm and informative reporting during this historic storm demonstrated her dedication to keeping the public informed and safe during extreme weather events.

Cecily Tynan Salary

Working as one of the best meteorologist in the U tied States, her successful career suggests she is being paid well every year. Close sources have revealed that she takes home $400,000 every year.

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