Ghana's Most Beautiful: Ebo And Twumwaa Evicted
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The Ashanti and Central regions were eliminated from contention for the 2023 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant after their chosen contestants failed to meet the judges’ expectations. On Sunday, September 10, 2023, Ebo, who had been spared from eviction the previous week, gave her best performance, but she was nevertheless eliminated from the competition because of her prior performances.

2023 Ghana's Most Beautiful: Ebo And Twumwaa Evicted
2023 Ghana's Most Beautiful: Ebo And Twumwaa Evicted

Ebo, a melanin beauty, gave an insider’s view of Angola’s cultural diversity, emphasizing the beauty and significance of traditional marriage ceremonies in a specific ethnic community. Hannah A. Twumwaa Aikins, better known by her stage name Twumwaa, represented the Central Regional District and honored the artistic lip plates and body paintings of the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia. Take time to learn about their customs and history.

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Beyond mere words of encouragement, viewers are encouraged to make their voices heard by casting their votes. Dial *713*13# or download the TV3 Reality App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to vote.

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As eviction commenced and 7 regional representatives bid farewell, viewers had a chance to support their favorite contestants.

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