GMB2023 Semi Final: Selorm Bags Two Awards
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In a stunning display of creativity and artistic talent, Selorm, originally from the Volta region, shone as the Star Performer and Best Costumed contestant during the semi-final edition of Ghana’s Most Beautiful. The theme of the evening, ‘Justify Your Inclusion,’ pushed the remaining seven contestants to demonstrate their value for a coveted spot in the grand finale.

Selorm’s performance was a vivid reenactment of the Ewe migration and the significance of the Hogbetsotso festival. It left a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience. With an aura of confidence, courage, and profound emotions, Selorm narrated the struggles of the Ewes under the rule of King Agorkoli. Her storytelling was not only compelling but also emotionally charged, immersing the audience in the heart of the narrative.

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Yet, Selorm’s talents extended beyond her storytelling. She meticulously crafted her appearance with an exquisite costume that perfectly complemented her performance. Her headscarf, carefully selected ornaments, and a rope adorned with various GTP fabrics around her waist added authenticity to her portrayal. Bentonite clay adorned her shoulders and legs, bringing the entire look to life.

Selorm’s exceptional presentation not only impressed the judges but also earned her the esteemed titles of ‘Best Costumed’ and ‘Star Performer.’ This remarkable achievement made her the first contestant in the 2023 Ghana’s Most Beautiful competition to win two awards in a single night, undoubtedly making her region proud.

Congratulations Selorm for winning star performer for tonight

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The competition for the ‘Best Costumed’ title was fierce, with strong contenders like Nurah from the Northern region and Kwartemaa from the Bono region. In the ‘Star Performer’ category, Selorm faced the same two contestants, whom she had already outshone for the Best Costumed award.

Congratulations Selorm for winning star performer for tonight

Selorm’s outstanding achievements did not go unnoticed. Her remarkable appearance and overall performance earned her rewards from Top Choco, Sankofa Natural Spices, and GTP for her excellence in the Best Costumed category. Additionally, she received a Tecno Camon 20 series and Gino Tomatoes for her stellar performance as the Star Performer.

With the grand finale scheduled for October 8th at the National Theater, the competition promises to be both entertaining and fiercely competitive. Good news for viewers is that they have a 60% share in determining the next GMB Queen. To support your favorite contestant, dial 71313# or download the TV3 Reality app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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