Ghanaians react as Ama Official Drops part 2 atopa video with Kay Verli Asantewaa’s brother
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Ama Official and Kay Verli, two popular TikTok users from Ghana, have been involved in a long-running saga. Recently, however, the story took an unexpected turn when a new audio recording surfaced that raised more questions about the nature of their relationship.

This most recent development has sparked new debate and speculative speculation regarding the charges and denials leveled at each other, adding a new level of complexity to the drama as it plays out.

Remember how accusations and denials were made in public as the Ama Official and Kay Verli controversy got underway a few weeks ago? Asantewaa‘s brother, Kay Verli, was initially singled out by Ama Official as the source of her private and explicit video leaks on social media.

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Asantewaa vehemently refuted the accusations during this initial back and forth, sparking a highly publicized feud. Recent events, however, have added a new piece of evidence in the form of an audio recording that was allegedly shared on social media by Ama Official. The voices heard on this recording have attracted attention because of the implications it has for the ongoing controversy.

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Check out some of the reactions from Ghanaians who have come across the video…

@johnboateng184 – I don’t know about her mental health. I think we should be considerate of her mental wellbeing as well. Our culture overlooks such things which make people like her vulnerable to the society. It seems her family members have forsaken her

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@dasey325 – Does this girl have family members on social media? because this is really serious. may none of our family members disgrace us like this .

@christianapanyin6786 – Ama remember your future, those people who encourage you today you may never see them tomorrow

@bellzsimplcity4018 – If he chopped her what’s the big deal must this be something she must announce the whole issue is childish. This girl is looking for fame in all the wrong places

@Tempe01 – Hmm let’s be honest does this girl think when she’s older she can honestly get marriage?ha! Stay blessed y’all

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@georgeoheneagyekum9887 – Is not this girl, Mona Gucci was fighting Asantewaa ? I’m tempted to believe what Asantewa said that she is trapping Male celebrities in tiktok platform is true. Because the way she is behaving is terrible.

@mercyasare6770 – I don’t understand why the gal disgracing herself like ahh hmmm God have mercy on this era youth

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