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Keely Meade Obituary

Keely Meade Obituary

Keely Meade Obituary. On Thursday, a car in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, crossed into oncoming traffic on a highway, colliding head-on with another vehicle.

Two men were killed as a result of the collision. The Pennsylvania State Police provided information about the incident.

Around 3:15 p.m., state police claimed that Michael Harrington, 49, of Wilmington, Delaware, crossed into the westbound lanes of traffic while driving east on the 6800 block of Division Highway in Caernarvon Township. As a result, he was run over and killed by a car. Harrington lived in Wilmington, Delaware.

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According to state police, Harrington was involved in a collision with a Dodge Caravan driven by David Hurst, 63, of East Earl. Hurst was also injured in the crash. According to state police, the vehicle driven by Harrington was facing north at the time of the collision, while the vehicle driven by Hurst was facing south. This information is provided by the driver of the vehicle driven by Harrington.

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According to the state police report, Hurst was discovered to be deceased at the scene of the accident. Harrington was taken to Reading Hospital, but he died shortly after arriving and was pronounced dead.

The reason for Harrington’s decision to cross into the opposing lane of traffic is unknown; this information is currently unavailable. A tow truck was required to remove either of the vehicles from the location where they were discovered.

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