Martin Fabi Biography, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Age, Family
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Martin Fabi Biography, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Age, Family. Martin Fabi, a former Saskatchewan Roughriders punter, died on Thursday at the age of 80. Martin Fabi, who set two Canadian Football League single-game records in 1963, died at the age of 80. Given the score – Roughriders 4, Calgary Stampeders 4 – Fabi’s workload, which resulted in an average of 45.2 yards per punt, was acceptable.

He punted one, which resulted in a single. Saskatchewan had only 73 yards of total offense and four first downs (one in each quarter).

Martin Fabi Biography

Fabi was born in Romania, but his family relocated to Austria in 1944 after his father (Martin Sr.) was murdered in the Second World War.

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The Fabis emigrated to Canada in 1953 and settled in Alymer, Ontario. Fabi, who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 240 pounds, played junior football before joining with the Alouettes as a 19-year-old in St. Thomas, Ontario. Fabi joined the Roughriders in September 1962 after being accepted for the $350 waiver fee.

Over the next three seasons, his punting average was 42.9 yards on 339 attempts. He had his best season in 1963 when he averaged 44.0 yards per punt and had 15 singles. During his three seasons in Saskatchewan, he also saw the play as a receiver, catching 15 passes.

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He had a long involvement with the warehouse company Livingston International, finally rising to the position of president in 1981.

In 1990, Fabi was named president and CEO of GN Johnston Equipment. He and his wife Katherine remained in the Guelph area after retirement in 2002.

Martin Fabi Cause of Death

How did Martin Fabi? Martin Fabi, a former punter, died on January 5, 2023. Martin Fabi’s cause of death has not yet been revealed. It was thought to be primarily attributable to the age factor. On Twitter, CFL headlines announced his death.

John Robertson of the Regina Leader-Post said in the edition of August 16, 1963, “Fabi probably isn’t old enough to vote yet, but he’s a tried and tested pro in my book.”

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“When he bobbled the snap-back on a punt attempt in the third quarter when the Roughriders had moved in close enough for a possible winning single, I truly thought it would shatter him for the evening.

“But he bounced back to hoist two beauties which went so high they came down with frost on them.”

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