Swoosie Kurtz Net Worth 2023
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Swoosie Kurtz Net Worth 2023. Swoosie Kurtz, born on September 6, 1944, in Omaha, Nebraska, is an American actress whose name has become synonymous with talent and versatility. With an intriguing first name – a combination of “Swan” and “Suzie” – she has always stood out in the entertainment industry.

Swoosie Kurtz Net Worth 2023
Swoosie Kurtz Net Worth 2023

Swoosie Kurtz Bio

How old is Swoosie Kurtz? As of September 2023, Swoosie Kurtz has celebrated her 79th birthday, proving that age is just a number in her world. Her early life was marked by a unique upbringing. Her father, Frank Kurtz, was a military colonel and her mother, Margaret Rogers, was a celebrated author. This diverse background undoubtedly influenced her future career choices.

Swoosie Kurtz Children: Does Swoosie Kurtz have kids?

Swoosie Kurtz has never married and does not have any children of her own. However, her dedication to her craft and numerous accolades stand as a testament to her life’s work.

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Swoosie Kurtz Movies

Kurtz’s filmography is a tapestry of remarkable performances spanning several decades. She has appeared in over 50 films, with notable roles in movies like “Dangerous Liaisons,” “Liar Liar,” and “The Rules of Attraction.” Her ability to seamlessly transition between drama and comedy has made her a sought-after actress in Hollywood.


Swoosie Kurtz’s illustrious career has earned her numerous accolades. She is a two-time Tony Award winner for her exceptional work on Broadway, showcasing her versatility not only on screen but also on the stage. Kurtz has also received Emmy Awards for her outstanding television performances, leaving an indelible mark in both mediums.

Swoosie Kurtz’s fascinating life is marked by unique beginnings and a career marked by exceptional talent. As she continues to grace the entertainment world with her presence, one can only marvel at the enduring legacy she has created through her remarkable performances in movies and on the stage. Her name is etched in the annals of entertainment history, and her age is a testament to her enduring passion and dedication to her craft.

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Swoosie Kurtz’s net Worth 2023

With a very blissful career in the movie industry and a happy life, Swoosie is one of the successful American actors who have made a name for themselves and amassed a great deal of wealth through their talent and passion.

Swoosie is believed to have a net worth of $5 million since her last net worth estimation. As of now, it’s not confirmed whether there has been an increase or a decrease but from the way her career keeps growing, it can be said that she will have moved from this to a higher estimate.

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