Who Is Davon Wade’s Father?
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Melvin Booker, Davon’s father, is a former professional basketball player who had a career with teams such as the Hartford Hellcats, Pittsburgh Piranhas, Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors.
Meanwhile, Veronica, his mother, pursues a career as a cosmetologist. The sport of basketball has deeply rooted itself in their family’s life and history. Veronica and Melvin never got married as he has never been married in her life. They only had an affair which could not move to the stage but have worked together to raise the children had while they were in love.

Who Is Davon Wade?

Davon Wade, born on February 17, 1993, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is currently 30 years old and the eldest child in his family. He has a brother Devin Booker and a sister, named Mya Powell. Wade earned his degree in business administration from the University of Western Michigan.

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Davon Wade is a licensed real estate agent employed at Linehan Real Estate in Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale, Arizona. While his professional career is in real estate, he is also recognized in the media as the older sibling of American athlete Devin Booker. His real estate ventures have brought him considerable financial success.

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Swerving form the family’s line of talent which is rooted in sports, Davon has seen success in his business and wholeheartedly supports his brother,Devin Booker in his career also.

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