Who is Jessica Tarlov’s Husband?
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Who is Jessica Tarlov’s Husband? Jessica Tarlov is a well-known political commentator and analyst. She’s known for her insightful views on various political topics. Jessica earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from The London School of Economics and has put her expertise to use in the media. She is now the senior director of research and consumer insight at Bustle and doubles as the co-host of The Five which is aired on Fox News.

You might have seen Jessica on TV shows like Fox News, where she often provides her perspective on current events. She’s also contributed her thoughts to publications like The Daily Beast. Jessica is passionate about women’s rights and social issues. She has advocated for gender equality and has been a strong voice for progressive causes.

In addition to her career in politics, Jessica is an accomplished author, having co-authored a book called “America in the Age of Trump.” This book explores the impact of the Trump presidency on American society. She continues to be a respected figure in the world of political commentary, known for her intelligence and dedication to promoting important causes.

Who is Jessica Tarlov’s Husband?

Jessica and her husband Brian McKenna had known each other for many years before they eventually started dating and got married. Close reveal that the duo were in a relationship since 2009 and got engaged in 2020 which later led to their marriage in 2021.

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Brian equally shares a similar passion with his wife Jessica. He works as a documentary filmmaker going around the world to bring stories to his audience. With a Canadian background, he appears to be very simple and is able to manage his home and career without difficulty. Jessica and Brian have a beautiful daughter together and she is called Cleo Markie McKenna.

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Brian McKenna Net Worth 2023

Unlike his wife, Jessica Tarlov, Brian has been in the public eye due to his loving relationship with the political commentator. He keeps his private business off the media and hardly shares these things.

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