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Why Is  Tommy Lee Trending On Twitter?


Tommy Lee, the drummer for Mötley Crüe, is currently active on Twitter. Why, do you ask? Has he vehemently refuted online rumors that he has been using backing tracks while on tour?

Has he fallen down any further stairs? No company, please. Basically, it appears that the iconic sticksman has uploaded a photo of his privates to his online entertainment sites.

The image is still accessible to the public on Twitter and Facebook even if it was later deleted from Instagram for audaciously violating the stage’s criteria for bareness. Now everyone is wondering why the performer thought it would be clever or something his 1.4 million Instagram followers, 678.7 thousand Twitter followers, and 1.2 million Facebook fans would like.

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Do you honestly think he meant to transfer it, since we can read minds? Perhaps a snarky late-night s*x rendezvous went south? In fact, according to the subtitle, which was a long, mocking “oh no,” T-Bone, as he was formerly known to newspaper journalists, did not accidentally cause the incident.

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We are almost certain that this was no easy mistake given his later Instagram post, which has a p*nis-themed image complimenting its size through an image of an elephant.

Fans have subsequently written a number of startled comments in response, including one from his significant other Brittany Furlan, who only said: “Wow.”

Some fans aren’t too thrilled to see the NSFW picture appear on their accounts, despite the unanticipated flurry of funny posts that the transfer has sparked.

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“OH MY GOD,” wrote Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan.


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